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We are your local bike shop.


From a flat tire to a complete overhaul, we are here to provide the bicycle service you need, so you can get back out riding.


We take the time to understand how you use your bicycle, and what service best suits your situation. Our certified professional mechanics inspect your bike upon arrival and will provide a free, no-obligation estimate. 

Our  packages come in several tiers, and are listed along with pricing for other individual services.

Service Packages

Safety - $50

This service is perfect for bikes that need a quick adjustment or once-over. We will ensure your bicycle is safe and ready to ride, and will inspect all systems to let you know if larger repairs are needed. If your bike is less than a year old, or you're a light, recreational rider, this package is the quick refresh you need.


  • adjust brakes

  • adjust shifter

  • basic bicycle cleaning

  • lube

  • air up tires

  • align handlebars

  • chain wear inspection

Supreme - $175

If your bike sees regular wear and tear, the supreme service package brings your ride right to spec. Extreme elements like mud, gravel, limestone, and rain/snow can cause considerable wear to many bicycle components. This service will restore your bicycle's original luster. For the serious rider, or seriously parched machine, you won't recognize your bike after this session. Be ready to fall in love again!

  • everything included in the standard package, plus:

  • remove drive train and completely degrease

  • detailed clean and polish

  • replace cables and housing

  • adjust headset

  • adjust bottom bracket

  • adjust front and rear hubs

Standard - $110

This service package brings your bike back to new, with an additional layer of cleaning and alignment beyond our safety package. If your bike has seen regular road time and you'd consider yourself a moderate rider or commuter, this package is for you. Bicycles over a year old will also benefit from this standard seasonal service.

  • everything included in the safety package, plus:

  • chain clean and lube

  • degrease frame and fork

  • wheel true

Systematic - $250+

When you love something, you take care of it. A complete overhaul is open heart surgery for your bicycle. Bicycles are meant to last when the serviceable systems are properly handled. This service allows for the most detailed cleaning and adjustment to be done, as every piece is laid out and inspected. If you hammer the pedals, sprint up the hills, ride every single day (rain or shine), or have your friends ask how you ride so hard, this will keep your bike up to speed with your demands. Great for a refurbish project or an annual service for a heavy use bike.

  • everything included in the supreme package, plus:

  • remove all systems

  • replace or repack all bearings 

A' la carte Menu

Free estimates  -  Free air  -  Free coffee


Wheel true - $30

Tire/tube replace - $15 plus parts

E-bike tire/tube replace - $20 plus parts

Bicycle cleaning and polish - $45

Brake adjustment - $20

Gear adjustment - $20

Brake pad install - $20 plus parts

Hydraulic brake bleed - $45 each

Tubeless tire install - $40

Wheel build - $50 each

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